Opportunity to advance your career

If you want to steer your career forward, here is a perfect platform for you. Whether you are looking for your first job or you are an expert in your field, the company can provide a great opportunity for you to reach your career goals.

The company provides a stable and friendly work environment with equal opportunities for everyone to grow. The company expects employees to show concern, respect, and caring attitude to the employees, so they are provided with the same respect within the company.

The organization’s mission is to become the most loved, efficient, and profitable airline in the world, but that can’t do this without the hard-working employees. So, they are constantly looking for talented, skilled, and passionate people who can help the company achieve its goals. They are looking for employees that can understand and adopt the company’s culture and turn its goal into their own goals.

If you become a part of the Southwest community, not only you can grow your career, you will receive other benefits too. The employees get flight privileges. They are provided with unlimited space-available travel for them and their eligible dependents. The eligible employees also get a ProfitSharing award, which was equal to 10.8% of their compensation in 2019. The company’s profit-sharing plan is ranked as the largest in the country.

The employees can also earn cash rewards through wellness programs and live a better life on and off the job. They also get health benefits and they can select from a range of coverage options. Furthermore, they are also provided with a 401(k) retirement plan.  They only way to find opportunities and apply for a job is though the company’s website. You don’t have to pay any fee for application or training, so if you are asked to pay a fee, this means you are in the wrong place.

Furthermore, you can search for jobs using the search bar or you can also browse the job categories. You can open any job opportunity, see the requirements, and your role, and if you like you can apply for it by filling an application online.