Manage business travel like never before

It’s not easy for organizations to manage business travel, especially for those who operate around the country as well as in foreign countries. Such organizations have offices around the country, and their employees need to travel from one city to another and foreign countries constantly.

Southwest Business makes things easier for them and allows them to manage business travel easily and in less cost. It offers simple contracts that provide value and allows the businesses to save time and money.

Manage business travel

It provides different customized solutions to lower the travel costs.

You can use their self-service tool that’s free and easy to use. This tool is called SWABIZ and it’s the perfect tool for the companies who follow do-it-yourself approach. It’s a Southwest Business booking tool that provides features helpful in managing travel. They offer programs and incentives to help you save a good amount of money. The more you travel the more you can save. You are also provided with online reporting tools that allow you to track every dollar that you spend. Furthermore, you can not only keep track of your purchase but the unused funds as well.

You don’t have to manage the travel plan of your employees all by yourself. Their account managers will help you in designing a travel program that would comply with your company’s travel policy. It would not only ensure the right person reaches the right place at right time, it would save money, effort, and time.

Their dedicated team is specialized in data analysis, program activation, and budget management. You can choose the contract that suits your company the best. If you enroll is this program you will get access to exclusive promotions. You will get all the tools that provide you complete control. You will not have to pay travel management fees or transaction fees.

If you want to connect to an account manager you will have to go to their website and fill a form. After you have submitted the application they will contact you in 24-48 business hours. If you want to enroll in SWABIZ, you will have to create an account. For this, go to the website, fill the application form and submit it.