Maintaining the relationship with investors

If you have invested in this corporate, you have invested your money in the right company. Southwest is a company that cares for the common people and is working to provide more benefits to the middle-class, this is the reason it has been so successful.

The company has a huge base of loyal customers; this is why it’s the first choice of many investors. But, even though there are a huge number of people that have invested, the company maintains the best relationship with every one of them.

If you are an investor, you will get complete support, help, and information from the company. You can get quarter results i.e. load factor, after-tax ROIC, fleet, net loss, operating loss, and return to shareholders, etc. If you want to get the recent Corporate Social Responsibility Report, you can see the Southwest Airlines One Report. You can also access quick references like earning releases, presentations, and investor updates. The best and simplest way to access all the information is to go to the their page.

There, you can see the stock quote and chart. You will also get access to an investment calculator, which is provided only for informational purposes. Investors can also access and download company reports from the platform. You can download annual reports, integrated citizenship reports, and proxy statements. If you want hard copies of the annual reports, you need to contact Investor Relations. You can also access quarterly results and SEC filings.

Investors are also provided with options to receive Investor Alerts. Then, you have to select the stock alert i.e. close price or weekly summary. If you face any issue or you have any questions, you can browse the investor FAQs, and find the question you have in mind. If your problem is unsolved you should contact the managing director and get the information directly.