A great tool to fight wildfires

Boeing 747-400 is the best heavy weapon that aids against the war with wildfires. It’s a wide-body airliner that has a range of 13,449 km and it can achieve a maximum speed of 988 km/h. Its capacity is more than any other product in the market, but we can contain and control them.

This airliner entered service in 2016, it contains tanks that have the ability to drop 72,698 liters) of water or 66,299 liters of retardant. The president also said that this jumbo freighter can reach any place in North America within 4h30 min from its Colorado Springs base and it can reach anywhere in the world in 20 hours.

It’s not the lowest cost aerial firefighter, but according to the Reese, it is able to launch a devastating initial assault, so its cost is completely worth it. He also said that when it comes to firefighting diversity is the key, we don’t claim that we have the perfect tool for everything, but when people need a big hammer we provide them with an amazing tool.

In recent years, firefighting agencies have expanded their toolbox by adding an array of new types.  There are different choices now for fighting the wildfire and it’s a positive thing. Governments who have areas prone to wildfire and firefighting agencies will take benefit of the multiple options available in the market. Countries are ready for another campaign after the horrifying fire seasons in Australia and California. The global temperatures are increasing as well, but the coronavirus crisis has made this even a bigger challenge.

Coulson converted its Southwest Airlines 737-300 in 2018 and it played a part in the fight against wildfire in both the USA and Australia. The company sold the second aircraft to the New South Wales government and it would operate it on the behalf of the state. The company is modifying the third aircraft and it will be introduced in 2021.