Great features that differentiate it from others

Southwest Airlines is an American airline that serves around 100 destinations in the USA, Mexico, and the Caribbean. It’s regarded as one of the best airlines in the USA and in this article, we would tell you why it’s the best. They provide great benefits. You can travel to more than 100 destinations for low fares. There are no hidden fees as well as no changing fee.


The best thing about the airlines is they do not steal the customer’s money.

Would you like to purchase from a store that charges you $100 dollars for returning a $50 dollar product? Of course not, so why choose an airline that charges you for changing or canceling a flight. Their return policy makes them different from others. You can book a flight even if you are not sure you can make it and if you can’t travel you can simply change or cancel it.

Another great thing about them is they offer free bags for everyone. There is no fee for the first two checked bags (weight and size limits apply). This means if you are traveling inside the country you don’t have to pay a fee of $50 or more for carrying the bags.

They offer a comfortable environment as the seats are not congested. Today, almost every airline is trying to increase the number of seats in their planes. But, Southwest is not following their footsteps and is providing the travelers with extra legroom seats. If you want to change your seat, it’s possible too. Unlike other airlines, they don’t charge a big amount for getting a better seat. You just have to pay a lower fee and you can sit where you like to.

They provide a strong and reliable wireless internet service. If you are a business traveler, you can get a lot done and if you don’t feel like doing work, you can watch entertainment videos on your phone. The internet service is great for a lower amount than you have to pay on other airlines.

You would rarely hear about a Southwest airline reaching the destination late, and if it does, it’s mostly because of bad weather.