Asia’s LCCs are facing challenges

In the 1990s, only one of these four careers was operational, Malaysian Air Asia. Lion Air started in 2000, Indigo started in 2005, and VietJet started its operations in 2011. These four airlines changed the dynamic of the aviation market by introducing the concept of low-cost travel to the Asia-Pacific.

Leaders of these four airlines presided over some of the biggest aircraft orders ever. VietJet’s Madame Thao also signed deals for 99 737 Max jets with Obama and then Donald Trump.

According to Circum fleets data, IndiGo, Lion, AirAsia, and VietJet became the biggest customers for Boeing and Airbus for the 2020s as a result of these orders. Boeing and Airbus have a total order of 13,179 aircraft, out of which 1,871 are ordered by these four airlines.

Where coronavirus has affected the whole aviation industry, it also has a negative impact on these four low-cost careers. Their dreams of dominating the Asia-Pacific market have been put to halt.

The careers are not backed by the government and even if they need additional capacity they will struggle to manage cash and survive, according to Shukor Yusof. IndiGo has the most number of orders, 615, all for A320neo family jets. The lockdown in India, from which the country is emerging slowly, has grounded most of the career’s jets. According to the Indian media reports, the airline would resume operations in June.

The AirAsia Group has a total of 480 orders, out of which 367 are for A320neo family jets. If you want to know more about this project, you can write somethings. Later, we can answer as you know.

Lion Air and VietJet have a combined order for 737 Max aircraft and 735 A320neo, although they have been quiet regarding their fleet plans. Before the crisis, VietJet had built its international market, but given the restrictions for international travel, it can take some time before it resumes international operations on a large scale