Asia Pacific is seeing an improvement

The coronavirus crisis shook up the aviation market and many airlines suffered badly from it, but the situation in Asia-Pacific is improving gradually. Some countries including China have made big progress against virus and they are lifting the travel restrictions gradually. So, the companies and authorities are finalizing the necessary measures that are required before the operations can return to completely normal. The travel behavior has changed, so the airlines and airports need to adapt strategy accordingly.

The crisis halted the air travel for some time, planes were grounded, and many employees lost their job. But, things are now improving around the world, though slowly and Asia-Pacific is seeing an improvement too. As people are traveling again, it is important to ensure that they follow all the guidelines like keep an appropriate distance from one another and do not travel if they feel unwell. Airlines would need to leave seats free to ensure this in the plane.

According to one of the officials of AAPA, Subhas Menon, it will take time to get out of the crisis and it might take years before travel operations return to completely normal. So, the airlines and associations need to adapt to the changing market and changing behavior. They would have to work with the government and health organizations to ensure safe travel for everyone.

Some countries might release travel restrictions early, some might not, and it is not predictable. Stefano Baronci thinks as we are moving to the recovery period, we need to convince the general public that traveling is safe. A combined effort is required to achieve this and convince the passengers to travel.

He also said that the airports and authorities in the Asia-Pacific took the necessary measures to ensure safe travel and stop the virus from spreading. To make passengers feel safe, they need to increase health screenings. But, this is just one of the measures required that can put confidence in the travelers, they also need to focus on hygiene and other measures.

Several airlines have taken strict measures and are in contact with different health organizations including WHO to get the proper guidelines.