Apply for it in an easy way

If you want to get any of the credit cards provided by the company you can apply for it online. The process is extremely simple and you can complete it in just a few minutes. There are a total of 4 credit cards provided by the company, two of which are for personal use while the other two are for businesses. All the cards provide great benefits and allow you to earn rewards for the purchases you make.

Apply for it in an easy way

If you want to apply for any of these cards you can follow the process explained below.

All credit cards offered by them are issued and managed by Chase Bank. So, you need to open their page and from there you can apply. When you have opened the landing page, you need to choose the card you want to get. After you have chosen the card you will be taken to another side where you can click on the apply button.

You will see the application form. You will have to provide your name, mailing address, city name, state, and ZIP code. Furthermore, you will have to provide a phone number, email address, date of birth, and Rapid Rewards Number. You also need to provide the Social Security Number, alternative phone number (optional), type of residence i.e. rent, own, or other, your mother’s maiden name, total gross annual income, and primary source of income.

After you have given all the information you need to indicate whether or not any portion of your total gross annual income is non-taxable. You can add authorized users as well. But, this is optional; you can choose to skip it. After that, read the E-Sign Disclosure, this is a very important document, so read it carefully. You will also see pricing and terms as well as certifications. You can agree to the certifications by checking the box.

When everything’s done click on the submit button. Your application will be sent and it will be reviewed by the officials. If it is approved you will get your car in a few days. When you get your card, start purchasing from it and enjoy the great benefits.