Airlines to start flights to US vacation spots

After almost 3 months of complete or partial lockdown due to coronavirus, US cities are lifting the restrictions gradually. This has resulted in an increased interest of the airlines’ passengers to travel to destinations like Florida and Las Vegas.

A huge number of people want to visit the Walt Disney collection of amusement parks and the gaming hotels in Las Vegas, so the airlines have increased the flights, so more passengers can get there. Orlando and Las Vegas are the most desirable cities right now. Both cities are easing the restrictions that were imposed in March amid the coronavirus pandemic. Casinos are opening in Las Vegas after 78 days whereas amusement venues in Orlando are opening their door for the public. The Walt Disney theme parks are also set to re-open from 11th July.

These two cities are not only popular among tourists and vacationers; they are popular destinations for trade fairs and company outings as well. But, at this moment, it can’t be predicted when the business travelers will be allowed to travel to these cities.

One of the owners of the hotel and casino in Las Vegas offered 1,998 free one-way tickets from different cities across the country to Las Vegas, to help the city’s re-opening. The casino received more than 11,000 requests from travelers across the country just after the announcement.

Dallas-based Southwest Airlines says that it is operating around 100 flights per day, this is half what they would offer in peak travel periods in normal conditions. The airline said that they are monitoring demand consistently and can add more flights if need be. Southwest has announced that it will leave the middle seat free on Boeing 737 till the 31st of July as a precautionary measure.

Delta Air Lines was operating 10 daily flights to Las Vegas in May; this number will increase to 11 in June and 18 in July. European airlines are also expected to return to both cities in the next few weeks. They will offer direct flights from Europe and the UK in June.