Air Canada will launch a short schedule

Air Canada resumed its operations on 25th May and started flights to New York-LaGuardia, Los Angeles, Washington-Dulles, Boston, and Chicago. Even though the governments in the USA and Canada have banned non-essential travel within the two countries till 22 June, Air Canada is hopeful that the restrictions would be eased very soon.

The career will launch a brief schedule in the summer providing services to 97 destinations, which were 220 last year. They have announced to increase their network within Canada, hoping that the virus cases would decline. They were serving 34 routes in May, which will increase to 58 routes in June and the network would be increased further in August and September.

The airline issued a statement, in which it said that they have updated the schedule and are resuming flights to the Caribbean, South American, U.S., European and Pacific markets. If the travel restrictions between the USA and Canada do not extend past 22 July, the career also intends to serve more routes between the two countries.

The airline also wants to resume services between Vancouver and Shanghai and is waiting for the government’s approval. The services between the two cities were halted in January as prevention against coronavirus. The airline says that the customers are now eager to travel where there is less risk.

The career’s chief commercial officer Lucie Guillemette said we must remain vigilant and flexible as the world is seeing progress against this pandemic. He also said that wearing face masks would be mandatory on aircraft.

The airline needs to be flexible as it plans to resume international flights, which could be affected by the quarantine restrictions. Italy, one of the most affected countries in Europe has lifted the travel restrictions from June 3, whereas in the UK there will be a 14-day mandatory quarantine for all passengers.

All passengers traveling to the USA and Canada have to remain in quarantine for two weeks, but the airline is hopeful that things will change once the coronavirus cases decline. Once the countries began to ease the travel restrictions, the air travel demand would increase gradually.